Tim Strasburg


Tim Strasburg
Second son of Allen Strasburg
Married: Michelle Strasburg
Children: Sage and Casey Strasburg

I remember going to the NHRA Winternationals in Pomona California almost every year from 9 years of age until my early 20’s.

Going to the Bonneville Salt Flats was part of growing up, starting at an early age. I think it was about 1973 the we set our first record out there. A year or two later I had the opportunity to drive the same Mustang at Speed Week and the old Bonneville drag strip (now Rocky Mountain Raceway) in Salt Lake.

The Roadster was my next Salt Flats ride, followed by the blue Coloni Corvette, then my record in the family Lakester in 1992 where with a speed of 290.953 I joined my brothers in the 200 MPH Club. My top speed there was 297 mph. The next year I had the privilege of driving the same car to a record at EL Mirage Dry Lakes in California and getting into the Dirty 2 Club with a speed of 211 mph..

The Sand Drags was always fun, especially because we did so well there. I got to drive the “Zippy Bear” Bronco a few times and our alcohol Dragster in Rock Springs WY. I had my own sand rail for one year. My son Sage raced a 3-wheeler at the sand drags when he was 6 years old. You had to be 8 to race, but he was big for his age and they let him race.

Just as when I was growing up, racing has been a family affair with my own family. Both of my sons, Sage and Casey have been involved in the pits. Although I no longer race myself, I enjoy going to the races and lending a hand to my brothers. My wife Michelle has always been there and is supportive of my “Need for Speed”.
It’s been unreal being involved with the family race team, I will always be grateful to
Dad, Mom & my Brothers.

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