Mike Strasburg

MikeyMike Strasburg
Third son of Allen Strasburg
Married: Sue Strasburg
Children: Justin Strasburg and Melissa S Borchert

From his first race on dirt at age 14, to sand, to asphalt, to salt; Mike has felt success along the way with the support of his Dad, brothers, crew members, family, friends and fans.

Just like the doctor assesses symptoms to come up with a diagnosis, Mike showed the same talent with cars at a very young age. There was nothing he couldn’t figure out. Mike’s auto shop teacher in high school asked Mike to teach the class because he knew more about cars than he did Before the age of 16 Mike had about 6 cars and at least 3 motorcycles (Honda 50cc, Yamaha 80cc and 1949 Norton 500cc), all of which did not run until he tinkered and figured out their issues.

~ Mike’s first car was a 1955 Ford 4 door sedan at the age of 10 which he got when Santa left the key to it in his Christmas stocking

~ Next, 1959 Chrysler station Wagon which a guy gave him because he could not figure out what was wrong with it (Mike shortly figured it out-a bad distributor cap

~He had a 57′ Ford station wagon project car then a 1950’s BMW Isetta 236 cc 14.4 cu in which had a split-single 2 stroke motorcycle engine.

Mike began his racing career at the age of 14 at the Round-About circle dirt track by Cedar Hills. He held his own as he competed against adult drivers

~ He raced 3 different cars at the Round-About circle track- 1956 Mercury Montclair 4-door,

1965 LDT 4-door and a 1966 LTD 4-door

He assisted his family in building a demolition circle track at the Pleasant Grove Rodeo grounds. He assisted his family in building a sand drag track by the old Saratoga Resort in Lehi which was sanctioned by the Intermountain Sand Drag Association. He and his brother Lindsay had 20 event wins and 5 Western National titles.

Mike’s early employment included a Volkswagen Dealership and Alpine Country Club (repairing vehicles-lawnmowers, golf carts, trucks) while still in high school.

At the young age of 17 Mike was hired by Sports Specialties and sent him to California to become certified as an Evinrude boat motor technician

Ran Top Alcohol 1996-2001; moved up to Top Fuel in 2002

Driving was turned over to Mike in 1992 after the brothers had all driven and decided to have only one driverCurrent track record holder at Rocky Mountain Raceways SLC 302.72 mph in 2002

Member 200 MPH Club at the Bonneville Salt Flats
Member 200 MPH Club at El Mirage Dry Lakes
Owner of B & J Racing Transmissions
Crew member of the Y’not racing team of Jim and Annie Whitely out of Colorado

Mike’s son-in-law Ryan Borchert has been involved with the pit crew


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-d3pJ3Z_7g Vegas 2009

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0Cp-1xFh-M Full Throttle Series 2010; Phoenix AZ, Las

Vegas NV, Topeka KS, Sonoma CA, Denver C0

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