Lindsay Strasburg

Lindsay Strasburg
First son of Allen Strasburg
Married: Sheryl Strasburg
Children: Clint Carter, Ben Carter, Aaron Strasburg

Lindsay was practically born with a wrench in his hand. He was only about 2 years old when he used his Dad’s floor jack to raise his petal car and slid underneath to see how it worked. He had great taste for hot cars growing up and worked hard and bought a Boss 302 Mustang-Shelby Mustang- and 1969 Ford Talladega which was produced for NASCAR and only 500 were sold to the public.

Built sand drag strip in St George UT where he owned and operated a construction business
Built sand drag strip in Lehi UT by the Saratoga Resort
Built round track at Pleasant Grove UT rodeo grounds

Past President of the Intermountain Sand Drag Association (ISDA)
Raced 69’ Ford Bronco, Zippy Bear, to 1st place at the Western Sand Drag Nationals 1989-1990. He and his brother Mike had 20 event wins and 5 Western National titles. In 1989 and 1990, Professor Luigi Colani (from Germany) commissioned the Strasburg brothers to run an array of aerodynamic cars at the Salt Flats, including two different Corvettes (yellow one, blue one) and a Ferrari. The team set five records with the cars, including two for the European market.

Professor Colani talks about his race cars that Lindsay and the other boys worked on for him.

Member 200 mph Club Bonneville Salt Flats
Manager of Strasburg Racing team and of Strasburg Machine
Crew member for the Y’not Racing Team of Jim and Annie Whitely

Facts about Lindsay you may not know:
Son Ben raced one of Colani cars on the Salt Flats
Grandson Alex and granddaughter Shelby both raced Junior Dragsters

Other sports: Placed 3rd in state in wrestling for Pleasant Grove High School/Co-Captain and high school All Star football player-on varsity team in 9th grade/Attended college on football scholarship/Coached youth football teams.

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