Allen Strasburg

~ In Loving Memory ~

Of our Father – Grand Father –
Best friend – Confidant -Patriarch -Mentor and Idol

March -1926- July 2005

Nickname – Big A

From working at Comer’s Garage repairing cars in Lehi Utah at the age of 14 for 15 cents an hour, to his first car; a 1924 Model T Ford, to attempting a land speed record of 300 mph at the age of 75 at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Allen’s life involved cars, family, friendships, hard work, accomplishments and great memories


~Founding member and past President of USFRA (Utah Salt Flat Racers Association). The same founders spearheaded the “Save the Salt” movement to preserve the Bonneville Salt Flats for the future

~Member and past President of Utah Valley Old Car Club

~Organized his family to the Utah “Adopt A Highway” project, where they cleaned up debris along the highway along the Salt Flats

~Served in Army 2 years in Germany, WWII, joining at age 17, his main assignment was driving tanks and he also repaired the Army vehicles

~First trip to the Salt Flats was in 1935 with his brother, brother-in law, and two family friends at the age of 9

~His first personal experience racing on the Salt was with his nephew Bryant who drove a 1962 Ford and Allen did the engine

~The first car he raced was an English Anglia at Neilsen’s Drag Strip in SLC with a 13.5 ET in about 1963

~He then ran a Studebaker on the Salt followed by a roadster

~Spent countless hours “dragging the salt” and walking the track to prepare it for races at the Salt Flats with his wife and sons

~Built a track in Lehi Utah for sand drags with his boys

~Taught auto repair skills to mentally challenged youth so they could become employable in that field

~Had so many trophies from his early years of racing, he donated some to the Cub Scouts for Pinewood Derby winners

~ Transformed a barn into an auto repair garage to use as a secondary job and work side by side teaching his sons honesty, hard work and integrity as they were growing up

~Played piano, was on his high school tennis team, was a talented pencil artist

~Allen received a “Doctor of Motors” certification in 1960 from the Perfect Circle Corporation

(engine manufacturer).

~Most of his career was spent working for Ford Dealers where he was top salesman, receiving several awards. Customers trusted him and knew him to be honest and have integrity. If a car had a problem he told the customer. The sale was not as important as being honest with the custom

~Allen was proud to turn driving the race cars over to his sons

~Even at age 79 Allen looked forward to going to work every day to work with, and be with his family

Allen always went out of his way to help anyone. He loved racing and he loved his family. He has been missed and will never be forgotten.

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